California 2015 – Part 3 3

Hollywood glitz and glamour Finallyyyyy…It was such a busy week and went by so fast. Right now we are at the Nuremburg airport and waiting for our boarding. So I have a bit time to share with you the last part of our California Trip 2015. It’s all about Beverly Hills, […]

Vegan Ice Cream 3

Summer lovin‘ and some vegan ice cream Right now I’m sitting on my balcony and enjoying the beautiful sunset. I love summer and couldn’t be happier about the weather right now. And what’s better than enjoying the beautiful warm weather with some delicous icecream, right? So I want to show […]

California 2015 – Part 2 3

California #throwback #tb Los Angeles – l love this city! Got up around 6 am and wrote this post – I love early mornings! Now I have to study and clean the house, but later I will study on the balcony, so that I can still enjoy the sun 🙂 What […]

Easy & Healthy Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole Happy Friday! I don’t know, how you are thinking about this, but I just love avocados. You can enjoy them simply on your bread with some tomatoes, on top of your pizza instaed of cheese and you can also  take it as a dip to a barbecue. Not that avocados are so […]

California 2015 – Part I 2

California #throwbackthursday #tbt This year we are going to California again. In less than two weeks, we are flying to Los Angeles. Time is running and I still have so much on my to do list. But that won’t stop me from being super, super excited for our upcoming trip! So I thought it would be […]

Summer Whites #valentinodupe 6

Summer Whites Love wearing all white in summer. I paired this look with some of my favorite shoes lately. In my opinion these heels look so special and are a such highlight of any (basic/neutral colored) outfit. Also they are the perfect dupes for the „Valentino Rockstud Kitten Heels“, which […]

Weekly Vegan Meal Plan _ 1 8

Happy Monday! Hello beauties 🙂 Hope you’re having an amazing summer so far! We just came back from our trip to Czech Republic to visit my husband’s family. We enjoyed the wonderful weather and had such a great time with them. Except the fact, that I wish I could speak […]

Vegan Inspiration: Youtube Star went vegan 19

Hello ladies, as many of you may have heard, Carli Bybel went vegan. For all of you, who don’t know, who she is, she is a Youtube Beauty Star, who I’ve been following for so many years. With nearly 5 Million followers, she has a huge audience, which makes her […]

What to Wear and to Eat at a Wedding 16

Hello beauties, as you may have noticed, May is the time, that the wedding season starts. So what to wear to a wedding? This year I was going to keep it simple and wear the classic little black dress to the wedding from our friends. One week before the wedding, […]

#10 Motivation Monday – Be patient. 14

Hello my loves, I hope you had a successful week und could enjoy your weekend so far. Even though the weather was not the best, I had a great week, because it was my mom’s birthday this week and we celebrated it with a wellness day at Palm Beach, an […]