„TheHappyVeganGirl“ is a lifestyle blog. It’s all about my vegan life, but also about fashion, beauty, fitness and health related themes – things I love and I’m passionate about.

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ABOUT ME: My name is Edith and I’m a lifestyleblogger from Germany. Beside my job, is „TheHappyVeganGirl“ blog my creative outlet. I’m working in the office and I’m happily married to my best friend.


VEGAN LIFE: Beeing a vegan is something I’m so happy and passionate about – and as I get so many questions asked about this lifestyle, I decided to share with you my journey, because it’s not always easy.

I want to share with you all the easy vegan recipes, that I find along the way. As we are all busy and don’t want to deal with all those complicated recipes with weird ingredients – which would make (vegan) cooking less fun 🙂

„simplicity is the key“

FASHION & BEAUTY: I’m such a bargain hunter. Somehow I don’t want to spend a ton of money on things, that I can find a lot cheaper. So I’m always on the search for great deals.

„Money can’t buy style.“

LIFESTYLE: Here you’ll find some tips and tricks about health and fitness related themes and also inspiring and motivating stuff. I’ll share with you my inspirations.

Hope you enjoy.