„What? YOU are vegan?“ – „Why?“ – „I never could do this.“


Most of the people, who I told, I’m a vegan or I’m trying to be vegan, were really suprised. And I totally understand it, because that’s the way I always reacted to this. Whenever I heard, that somebody is vegan, I always thought, they must have a really sad life because of it. Back then I was such an „anti-vegan“. In „schülervz“ (a social media platform back in the days) I was in a group called „Vegans eat the food of our food away.“ I hated everything about veganism.

Let us go back then. My mom is about 10 years vegan and so I got in contact with the vegan food very very early. Some of you will think, lucky me, but I hated it. I just couldn’t understand why my mom was so happy about, when she found vegan milk oder vegan meat replacement. Why the hack, wouldn’t she just buy real food? Why she is exited about to buy something, that taste like meat, but isn’t real meat? I didn’t understand it and I don’t wanted to understand, because I was a real meat lover. I used to buy Döner (sandwich) without salad, just with meat and sauce. So primitive I know. In school I dreamed about to eat a Burger for breakfast and admired steak and so on – short said, I loved meat. But not just meat, I love food all kind…f.ex. cheese-such a guilty pleasure…I think like every vegan liked back then animal products.

So how could someone, that loves animal products so much and hates vegan, become a vegan?

It started about a year and a half a go, when I heard in the radio, speaking about veganism and how it changed their life positive. They were talking about loosing weight, getting clear skin, shiny hair, strong nails and feeling so good and so on and on. Who doesn’t want this, so I thought I give it a try for a month. To be honest I didn’t recognized a clearer skin, shinier hair or more energy, but I loosed weight and it was great. But loosing weight, wasn’t that what motivated me to stay vegan. During my first month, I did a lot of research about veganism and read things I’ve never heard of. For example what an influence veganism has for your health. After I did all the research, I knew, that there is nothing unhealthy in veganism. Everything that I read was totally logical to me and I just couldn’t ignore all the facts. As I saw a documentary how the animals suffer for our food, was this the ultimate reason, I needed. For me all animals are equal and as I don’t want that dogs suffer in China for their food, I also don’t want, that the animals need to suffer for my meal. That’s why I’m vegan. But everyone has to make their own research. For me it’s simply one of the best decicions I’ve ever made and so the „anti-vegan“ became „TheHappyVeganGirl“.

Now I’m so happy and thankful, that I can always get some vegan tips from my mom und that she gave her best to nourish us healthy. And I’m so thankful, that my dad always accepted my decicions.