Happy Monday and Weekend Delights #happymothersday 16

Happy monday my loves, I hope you all had an amazing weekend and could enjoy this wonderful weather. My highlight for this weekend was to spend Mother’s Day with my sisters and my beautiful mum. In my opinion, everyday is Mother’s Day and we should not just be there for […]

#9 Motivation Monday – Become the best version of yourself! 14

Good morning beauties, I hope you had a wonderful start in May. My sunday was so great and also very productive (compared to previous sundays in my pjs all day). I woke up at 7 o’clock to study, had my workout after a long time and after a delicous breakfast […]

#8 Motivation Monday – Believe in yourself! 12

Hello my loves, I wish you a wonderful start in this new week. Last friday my sister and I went shopping and as it was such a successful shopping trip, I wanted to share with you my bargain. These Caligirl Boots for just 10€ from H&M!!! Hallo meine Lieben, ich […]

The Vegan Edition

Hello my loves, I’m feeling so honored to have been featured on The Vegan Editon some months ago. It was such a pleasure to having a conversation about my passion. The Vegan Edition is the online destination for stylish vegan inspiration and I’m really loving their page. To be featured […]

Top 5 Favorite Basics 18

Hello my loves, I wish you a great start in this new week. I’m finally back with a new post, but I don’t want to bother you with any excuses, that I had no time or so. I’m trying to be more active on my blog, because I just love […]

Easy Vegan Mousse Au Chocolat 28

Hello my loves, this tasty tuesday recipe is for all the chocolate lovers out there just like me. So if you are craving some chocolate this recipe is just perfect for you and it’s also guilt-free. The ingredients of this, so easy to make, dessert are in fact really healthy. […]

#7 Motivation Monday – You never lose! 8

Happy Monday my beauties! „I never lose. Either I win or I learn.“ I love this quote and this picture. In my opinion there is so much power in this photo and the quote is just so true. No matter, which mistakes you may have done in the past, the […]

Pasta in Pink Sauce for Valentine’s Day 11

„All you need is love!“ Hello beauties, as Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I want to share with you this easy and delicous pasta recipe, which you can cook for your loved ones or simply for yourself. I got this recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks „Chloe’s Vegan Italian […]

#6 Motivation Monday – Get it done 4

Happy Monday my loves! We’ve all set goals for this new year, whether getting fit or improving our time management…whatever you want to achieve, you need to work for it. „The secret to getting ahead is getting started.“ It’s simple as that. To be sucessfull, we need to get started […]

Red Lentil Soup 12

„Love your heart, eat lentils!“ Hello my loves, with that said, I want to welcome you to the second round of my tasty tuesday series (every tuesday a new recipe). Today I want to share with you this delicous, creamy and gluten free red lentil soup. I got the recipe […]